System Requirements Lab Detection

System Requirements Lab Detection 6.1

Routine for analyzing the user's hardware and software
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Analyzes the hardware and software on your computer, creates a comprehensive report and compares it to a previously created database. The tool is designed to be embedded into a website in order to assists with determining whether your PC meets the minimum requirements to use a specified application or not.

Instant Expert Analysis is a patent-pending technology that allows websites to have a one-click method for rapidly analyzing a computer’s hardware and software. The results are then instantaneously compared to a comprehensive database of requirements. In seconds, a detailed report is provided that includes results and recommendations that benefit the user. With Instant Expert Analysis on you website customers can not only confirm that a program will or won't work with their existing system, it can direct them to other upgrade options. Like an experienced super salesman, it can connect the customer's needs to the products that will help optimize their system. The result - pleased customers who are getting exactly what they need and increased sales for you.

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